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That’s flats over the old High Street bank

My interest in an old sandstone building in High Street was reheated recently, after I mentioned the Old College Bar and the potential threat of demolition it may face if a developer has it evil ways, and naughty lies about the building being unsafe gain traction.

The building stands almost alone (discounting the adjacent Old College Bar for a moment) and is one of the most attractive still standing, dating from around 1895.

It started life as a bank (British Linen Bank), more recently described as a shop in its original B-listing record, but from my own memory of a few years ago I seem to recall signs indicating that it was some sort of seller (but I can’t recall any detail regarding what – for some reason, fruit & veg come to mind (now know… Robert Bell – Wholesale Fruit Merchant).

See an extensive collection of pics from the fruit merchant day here: Former British Linen Company Bank, 215 High Street

There are details captured there that I had never even noticed before. It includes the low extension to the rear, which I thought was just tacked on at some later date, but seeing it in daylight pics show it to be original.

Last time I looked more closely on passing, the ground floor appeared to have been redeveloped as some sort of gallery where small exhibitions were being held, but it was too dark to see any detail, other than the name ‘Civic Room‘. I found: “Civic Room is an artist-led organisation in Glasgow and London that curates events, exhibitions and projects to share a critical engagement between artists, built urban spaces and our communities“.

Also: “The space will be opened up to the public for a year and double as a hub for Doors Open Day as part of efforts to raise awareness and funds for a full restoration of the at-risk building“.

According to the Building at Risk Register, from being abandoned and derelict in 2007, this building now not only has some use of the former bank premises on the ground floor, but the flats above (7-9, odd numbers, Nicholas Street) are also being occupied and let, as confirmed by this pic I managed to grab before the lights went out!


High Street flats occupied

High Street (really Nicholas Street) flats occupied

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