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Just the one please

I was reminded of days long gone, when milk was delivered to homes every morning, when I spotted what looked like someone asking for “Just the one pint please” in Carntyne – something I guess needs to be explained for some.

Milk came in glass bottles then, containing one pint. No cardboard boxes with one litre, or the plastic bottles also common today. Delivering milk then was also a noisy job, and bad luck if a long lie was wanted in the morning, as the milkman crashed around and the bottles shook and rattled together.

But no such things today, just this attempt at a bit of humour with an old glove stuck on a plastic container jammed in a hedge:

One please distant

One please distant

And getting a bit closer…

One Please

One Please


February 17, 2017 - Posted by | Civilian, photography | ,


  1. Some of us STILL get a daily milk delivery, with the milk arriving in 1 pint bottles! In my case, it’s an initiative by a local roundsman serving one of the outer London Boroughs! I have to say it is so good to pick up fresh milk on my doorstep every morning! Supermarket bought milk NEVER tastes the same! Ron Leitch

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    Comment by firdaussi Razor | February 17, 2017

  2. Amazed and impressed to hear that – maybe the numbers stack better there than here.

    When doorstep deliveries effectively ended here, I remember a few hopefuls bought turned up in old ‘banger’ vans and tried to carry on the concept, but there were few takers, and it was not really very long before they disappeared.

    Mind you, given their appearance (and their vans – £5 from the nearest scrappie, and roadworthy until the firs police random check), I suspect they were not former milkmen and the real reason was having to get up and start working at 5 am! Deliveries just got later and later, until it was lunch milk rather than breakfast.


    Comment by Apollo | February 17, 2017

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