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Changing times – this used to be a risky spot

Funny things people – one minute they’re there… then they’re gone!

When I grabbed the pic below, there were TWO families with multiple kids getting ready to go home after playing on Glasgow Green, but when the shutter opened, they had somehow all managed to disappear behind the entrance pillars – I couldn’t have done this deliberately if I’d been offered money to make the shot.

I’d actually wanted them visible here (I generally avoid having bodies in my pics), at the spot where the much travelled McLennan Arch once stood, to illustrate how this is now a place where families are more likely to be found than questionable ‘ladies’.

In day gone by, they would not have gone there in the dark, and it was best avoided unless looking for ‘business’. I once made the mistake of cutting through there as a short-cut one evening when I worked nearby, only to get chased by a half-naked ghoul in a mini-skirt lurking at the corner opposite that entrance with her ‘sisters’, who looked as if she had just been dragged out of a grave. Sad to say, she was probably 20 (or more) years younger that she looked. If you’ve come across those pics of addicts that American anti-drug campaigners love, then you’ll know what I mean,

Today, I can walk there, play at low-light photography there, and all I have to watch out for is folk walking their dogs, or their kids.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green


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