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Oh dear… ANOTHER weather forecast was correct

I used to argue and fight with that sad class of person which was not happy unless moaning and whining about how ‘Useless’ weather forecasts and forecasters were, and how much of a waste of time they all were.

They were usually people who could not, or refused, to understand the concept of probability (yet often loved to throw their money at the gee-gees in the local bookies), and loved the sound of their own voice as they presented their  ‘evidence’ to show that the last weather forecast had been ‘stupid’ since it did not rain in ‘THEIR’ street – carefully ignoring the fact that most surrounding areas  were dripping wet.

A couple of days ago we got a warning about Storm Doris, and chilly weather, set to arrive on Thursday.

I could almost hear the naysayers laughing at this foolishness – we were at the time of that forecast enjoying the warmest day of the year so far.


Today is Thursday, and at 7 am I looked out the window – nothing interesting, just the usual rain (remember, this is Scotland).

Two hours later, another glance out of the window, and…

More snow in Feb

More snow in Feb

Be interesting to see how long it falls, and lasts for, since the preceding warm days mean the ground absorbed some heat, and the ambient temp has not fallen to freezing, or below.


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