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Dead ratchet

Just a bit of fun, noticed while I was walking near Bridgeton.

I was semi-lucky a while back – while waiting to cross the road I happened to look down and was surprised to see a bundle of assorted ½″ ratchet drives and extensions. All told there was a ratchet (two different types on closer inspection), an extension, a breaker bar, and even some sockets attached. Handily, these were 10 mm (I seem to eat 10 mm sockets), but after still closer inspection were found to be GLUED on to the square drives.

Odd, but like most glues, the application of a little heat let them all be dismantled, serviced (they were not previously owned by someone who cared about their tools, no great surprise if their boss had to glue their sockets to their drives), and added to my reserves as spares, or for nasty jobs.

I wasn’t so lucky this time, no ‘free’ tools this time.

As can be seen, this ratchet is a dead ratchet since all its guts have gone, and it’s rusty after being driven over, ruining its chrome plating.

Dead ratchet

Dead ratchet

It was probably forgotten while somebody was working underneath a car.

I remember assisting with some tests on my own car, and was surprised when the engineer tapped on the door and handed me a couple of spanners. When I asked him why, he replied that he guessed they were probably mine… he’d just taken them off the rear brake fixings!

They were – I’d just finished the assembly before driving to the garage, and clean forgot to remove them,  and they hadn’t even fallen off during the drive. At least I didn’t lose them, even if I was just a little embarrassed.

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