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Porsche and bonus Porsche

Getting into Glasgow a bit more often is helping compensate for my neighbour’s new fascination with Q-cars and aversion to buying ‘interesting’ cars, and I can still collect some more attractive vehicles, and their registrations.

Also, a word of appreciation for the LED street-lighting conversion program instigated by Glasgow City Council. It’s like wandering about taking pics in daylight, even in the dead of night. And all my pics are hand-held. What a change from only a few years back, when everything was dissolved in a yellow sodium monochrome mush, and hand-held shots meant blurry shots.

I managed to collect a pair of Porches as I left the city centre bound for home, both sporting ‘2-number 2-letter’ plates.

I’ll never really have any love for the ‘shed-on-wheels’, SUV, 4×4, or Chelsea Tractor, but unlike those who slate Porsche (and others) for having them in their range, I DO appreciate that these things bring in the money for the more exotic end of range.

This one came first. Devoid of badges, a quick dig revealed a 2013 Porsche Cayenne V6 D Tiptronic.

What can I say? I had been becoming impressed by diesel development until… Dieselgate! The VW testing cheat scandal. Oh dear.

Porsche Cayenne [63 BB]

Porsche Cayenne [63 BB]

Then I spotted the second, just across the road, while trying to catch the front view of the first (no go, due to bad lighting).

A 2016 Panamera 4S D S-A. Oops… another diesel.

Porsche Panamera {77 HK]

Porsche Panamera [77 HK]

While I don’t have much to say about the Cayenne, I think I do have to speak up for the Panamera.

I’m tired of so-called ‘Car Reviewers’, usually grossly overpaid TV celebrity types, who despise the Panamera.

All I can think of is that Porsche is refusing to give into them with sufficient freebies and handouts.

Rather like a former BBC TV host who was forever slating the Vauxhall Vectra – yet it really was pretty good, and undeserving of his hate campaign.


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