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Anyone know what this mystery object spotted in Largs is?

Anybody able to identify the object pictured below, spotted in Largs Mackerston Park near the shore  (courtesy of one of Tam Nugent’s excellent geographs)?

There is no identification or plaque apparent.

We’ve found a few other pics online, not showing the item itself, but which have caught it by chance.

These have established it was definitely there in the early 1960s, and given the age of the images used, was there at least in the 1950s, probably earlier, but we don’t have definite evidence for that so anything earlier is really just an assumption.

Largs Mystery Object

Largs Mystery Object

So far, we haven’t come up with it, or even anything similar, not online at least.

I can’t make to the Largs Museum, which would be worth a shot.

Any helpful/generous local care to ask in there for us, or even just point them towards this appeal for help?


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From a technical point, there are probably not too many types of photo I wouldn’t claim to be able to take, but…

I don’t seem to be in a position to go for wildlife, at least not in an urban environment – I remain amazed at what neighbours can achieve.

It’s probably the one thing I envy about their pics, as many have caught foxes, birds, and other animals – yet I seldom see these creatures near enough for similar shots, even with a zoom lens. Except for the robins that sometimes visit when I am digging in the garden. These guys risk being buried, either grabbing bugs freshly uncovered as I dig a hole, or even sitting on the shovel while I check progress for a moment!

The urban fox would appear to occupy the east end of Glasgow in significant numbers (probably sustained by the significant rat population). I often meet them in the streets, see them in gardens, and now realise they are probably the reason for all the PIR floodlights I see going on and off, even though there is no obvious cause. Cats are usually too small (and insulated by their fur), and dogs are locked up indoors at night.

But, even though folk who know me complain about me creeping about quietly, I don’t seem able to get near any of those foxes to grab a pic – even before I reach for a camera, they’ve generally turned tail and run, having spotted, or smelt, the human.

All I get is dead examples, this being the second, in Carntyne, preceded by one in Baillieston.

Carntyne dead fox

Carntyne dead fox

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Being fit actually DOES have some advantages

Fit dude

I’ve never been an ‘exercise’ person, but at least when working I had to move around, even if I ended up ‘Driving a desk’. Pastimes/hobbies got me out and about exploring, and that meant a fair bit of walking – but no more cars ended that too.

Cue the day I noted alarming signs of weakness merely tackling a few rungs of my loft ladder, I had to change.

This is NOT a post about what I did, merely one that notes it makes a difference.

I’ve had a couple of ‘accidents’ while out walking over the past couple of nights: first up was one of those ‘ambush’ slides that tries to flatten you if your heel lands on the muddy slime that collects in pavement hollows, most are small and just alarming as your heel pretends its on ice and slides away from under you, but this one was long and I don’t really know how I stayed upright, I should have gone down; second was just silly as I crossed the road in the dark and failed to judge a slightly misshapen kerb, my foot slipped off and I shot forward, I watched the ground head towards my face, but some crazy footwork meant I somehow held my balance and managed to catch this fall too.

In the past, the strain of such ‘catches’ (if unfit me could even have made them) would have meant sore muscles for  days – I know because similar things have done this in the past – but now… nothing, not even an ache.

It’s rather nice NOT to sitting in pain for a few days – it was even nicer not to hit the ground.

Guess I have a little motivation to keep it up – although I didn’t really need it… Looking at some of my neighbours, who are doubling over and even needing walking aids was enough to get me going, start running a little, and even get on a bike occasionally.

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