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John Logie Baird on the Strathwonderwall

Glasgow is building up a large collection of murals with official ‘blessing’ (as opposed to the illegal graffiti and vandalism which mars many locations), now even with booklets showing ‘mural trails’ to help visitors find them.

The Strathwonderwall is one collection which can be found easily on the city’s George Street, on Strathclyde University’s Graham Hills Building, formerly owned and created by BT under its various names in earlier incarnations.

Strathwonderwall doesn’t seem to have a dedicated web site (although it has spawned the #strathwonderwall hashtag), but can be found described on various art web sites simply by searching online for the name.

But my particular mention here is for the memorial to John Logie Baird, shown beside his 600-ine colour television (which I think dates from around 1940), and is a reminder that he innovated many features, not just the early mechanical televisions normally mentioned, forgetting his other work.

Baird strathwonderwall mural

Baird strathwonderwall mural

The mural is not a random creation, but is based on a photograph of Baird with his electronic television:

The Strathwonderwall runs the length of Graham Hills Building.

Worth the effort of visiting if you are nearby, and you’ll find some more pretty impressive murals adjacent too.



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