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Calderbank is REALLY gone now

While the area and place holds no memories or connections for me, it has been depressing to see the area that once held Calderbank House be wiped out by housing development. It was also once home to Glasgow (or Calderpark) Zoo, of which all traces have now been razed from the ground after the development reached the area of the former zoo’s gates.

As per a previous post, there was also a small wood on the land, and even that was ripped out and flattened for the development, which was something of a surprise since I thought such things were subject to all sorts of protection these days.

It used to be somewhere to wander around with some trees and at least a bit of semi-wild land with paths and the odd dog-walker. Now, it’s just another piece of modern tarmac and green housing development.

This part hadn’t been built last time I was there, but was yet to be started in the unseen area behind the roundabout in the previous post. The featureless view is now hard to place, probably the only comparison to the past are the power lines and pylons. This pic was taken standing near the pylon seen in the previous post that showed where the wood was cut down, and its position can be estimated from the power lines seen leading from the left in the pic below.

As has been said by others… Nothing to see here, move along now.

Glasgow Calderbank House site

Glasgow Calderbank House site


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