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Odd car incident spotted on the run

Given that I now walk (or even run) everywhere, the amount of time I spend outside yields remarkably few ‘incidents.

Mind you, since I missed the most recent on my almost daily walk, a double-stabbing in a pub considered ‘nice and quiet’ a couple of evenings ago, I’m not really complaining.

This evening’s run came across the slightly ‘odd’ scene with a car having apparently left the road, crossed the pavement, and come to a stop in the grass border below some flats. There seemed to be no other vehicles involved. The other car parked on the footpath appeared to be simply ‘standing by.

The police car in attendance arrived later.

Although I walked past a few times, I didn’t feel like stopping and taking a proper look as the parked car was occupied.

Under the street lighting (still nasty yellow sodium rather than LED) I couldn’t see any marks on the road or kerb.

I couldn’t be sure since I couldn’t take a proper look, but the front nearside suspension of the incident vehicle may have been damaged or even collapsed, but the poor lighting and distance made it hard to tell. The ground is soft and wet at the moment, so the tyres/wheel had dug in, making it impossible for a passing glance to show if they tyres were deflated.

It had come to rest in the position seen – and had NOT reached the flats or the wall to the right. The front was undamaged and had not hit anything.

The front underside may have impacted the kerb or the raided concrete border of the grassed area.

There was a strong chemical smell surrounding the vehicle, which could have been engine coolant, leaking from a damaged radiator, hose, or tank. I’m surprised at how vulnerable these seem to have become in recent cars, and the number of times I find them damage/leaking even if not directly impacted in some way.

If it was a suspension failure, it was a ‘good’ place to happen, as this is just after a fairly short but steep hill following traffic lights and corners, so most vehicles are not even travelling at 30 mph when they reach this spot.

Have to try to wake up and get motivated to have another look in the morning.

MV Av incident


This was almost a failure.

I’ve been using a short lens for so long, and perfected my hand-held non-flash night shot to the extent that I have arrived at camera settings I barely have to think about now. And a cracking dSLR sensor has also rendered my long lenses almost redundant, since I can crop and zoom into original images to an almost silly degree.

After a moment of panic, and a clutch of useless fuzzy shaky shots I managed to tweak the settings, and apart from the sodium yellow, managed to shoot a 300 mm lens hand-held under street lighting.

As someone else has already said…

We live in wonderful times.


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It’s like demolition is following me nowadays

It’s beginning to feel as if I should be eyeballing everywhere I look at these days, and pick the ones that are not going to be there the next time I look.

The most recent surprise was an old Cash & Carry on ground between Shettleston Road and Old Shettleston Road. When it was open, I think it was The State Cash & Carry, notable to me years ago as my grandfather managed to convince them to sell him his pipe tobacco at cost. This came in uncut chunks that muggins was given the ‘privilege’ of cutting up and turning into something that could be crammed into his pipe. This was no mean feat as he liked the black stuff, and this was more like a lump of black gum or tar than tobacco leaves.

Anyway, the place was gone when passed recently, at night, and I only managed to pass again in daylight and grab a pic of the razed site. Watch this space for some houses/flats?

While there was only a scabby old brick wall to be seen, I’d at least liked to have had a ‘before’ pic.

Shettleston Rd Fennella St Demolition

Shettleston Rd Fennella St Demolition

We might be in for a small flurry of new builds here.

There used to be Halfords just along the road, and it vanished while I wasn’t looking too, which is to say I had no reason to go in for ages, then it closed, and after lying shuttered for some years, was also razed recently.

I can’t lay hands on a pic of the place when it was open, so this one of the dead and shuttered remains will have to do.

This was classed as ‘Slightly Irritating’ since they do have a decent range of cycling spares, something I find myself in occasional need of recently, but now have to make my way to Rutherglen for.

While there are some nearby shops dealing in cycle parts, 9 times out of 10 they don’t have what I want, or when I hear their price I need an ambulance to help recover from the shock. Cycling seems to be very expensive if you don’t shop around, or go online.

Halfords Closed

Halfords closed

Then, a few weeks ago my next wander down that way showed it to have been removed without a trace too.

Halfords Demolished

Halfords demolished

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