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After the ‘incident’

So, after coming across last night’s road incident, I did actually manage to tip myself out of my bed early (for me at least) and have a wander along in the light of day, to see if any clues remained.

Murphy (or Sod’s) Law applied, and while it had been dry when I got up, while breakfast was on its way down, some rain decided to join in, and came down as well, washing away any surface features or details that might have been seen.

Everything had, of course, been cleaned up and the car removed. The vehicle recovery folk must be on a good number, as I’ve yet to see a dead car lie for more than a few hours around here.

Incident area

Incident area

There was nothing to be found or seen on the road, nor were there any marks on the kerb or footpath. The recovery vehicle had also manoeuvred over most of that area anyway, and its large tyres had obscured anything else.

The only clear evidence was the clear damage to the border of the grassy area.

It looks like this confirms my sighting of the broken front nearside suspension of the car, as it has smashed the concrete border where it hit. This damage, and what I can now be sure was the front wheel pushed back toward the passenger footwell, suggest the front tyre was flat, not buried in the earth as it appeared in the dark. It probably burst when it hit the kerb (hence no mark evident) , then the wheel hit the edging on the grass and was pushed back.

Even without the car, things look quite different in the light and the wet. No wonder police and forensics hate the dark and the rain!

Incident detail

Incident detail


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Lucky Mercedes spot

It always pays to stay alert and watch out for interesting cars in odd places, and for once I passed this with camera in hand.

The main catch was a classic Mercedes 230SL from 1966. I’m not sure if this one was on the classic circuit when I was part of it and attending shows, mainly because there were a few with single ‘R’ registrations, and my memory isn’t up to recalling the ones I knew back then, it was quite a few years ago.

There’s a nice little collection of cherished registration to be found here sometimes, and on this occasion the van showed a clear connection with the business, flooring if you didn’t notice the sign, and the van’s registration being F10 OOR.

That’s the kind of registration I like.

I definitely don’t like the recent trend I see where you need a ‘Code Book’ in order to work out the sad attempts to equate numbers and letters to make up names and words which frankly, they DON’T, unless you are delusional.

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

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