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Oatlands Girl – a new sculpture to find in Glasgow

Oatlands Girl is a four metre high sculpture installed in the Gorbals/ Oatlands area of Glasgow, unveiled by the First Minister of Scotland in 2016.

As part of the creative process, children from the area’s St Francis’, Blackfriars, and Hampden primary schools were encouraged to investigate their own artistic potential, and the sculpture is said to represent the youth of Oatlands looking to the future, whilst recognising the role played by the past in the region’s story.

Find it at the junction of Polmadie Road and New Rutherglen Road.

I had never heard of it the day I was there, and found it purely by chance.

The head is actually a flat profile, in stainless steel, as opposed to a 3-dimensional figure.

Combined with the shape of the plinth, which is not square but features a slight taper, I found it hard to take pic that did not look ‘wrong’ to the eye unless it was taken square on to the subject. I generally prefer an oblique view catching two sides at once, but with the flat subject, tapering base, and the addition of perspective errors arising from the buildings behind, such a view just looked as if it was sloping to one side or another, regardless of how I tried to straighten it with my limited tools

Oatlands Girl

Oatlands Girl

Here’s the plaque in detail.

Oatlands Girl Plaque

Oatlands Girl Plaque

While front is etched with the girl’s feature, the back of the sculpture is plain, although it does have some more of the notes with local sayings on them. (Sorry I couldn’t step any further back to catch it all, even with a wide lens, and the angle meant trying to stitch a panorama failed miserably too).

Oatlands Girl Back

Oatlands Girl Back

I found an original concept sketch online – credit to: Rob Mullholland – News Page

The final version is really close to the concept, while the ‘trail’ of objects seems to be the sculptor’s trademark.

Original concept sketch - Sculptor Rob Mulholland

Original concept sketch – Sculptor Rob Mulholland

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