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Morons and vandals – NOT artists

They call themselves ‘graffiti artists’ and worship at the holy altar of the ‘Banksy’.

I just call them vandals and would happily see them all locked up, or on work details cleaning their muck from our wall and street furniture.

Before anybody makes assumptions and thinks I’m a miserable sod, I have NO problem with any murals or similar that are approved and wanted in a community. Glasgow has grown a fantastic collection in recent years, and now has leaflets to guide visitors around it mural trails, and I see similar in other towns and cities.

But I have no time for those who run around thinking any piece of clean wall or similar is ‘theirs’, or that every door or piece of street furniture was provided for them to ‘tag’. They’re simply causing malicious criminal damage to other people’s property, probably with stolen/shoplifted spray paint, and costing those people money to clean up their mess.

Those behind this sort of moronic ‘campaign’ are at best double-dumb.

The one group who will NEVER see their handiwork? Their supposed target.

But it will be seen by folk who live near it, and will be ticked off and want it cleaned off, and it will be seen by the council worker who will care not one jot about it, other than to say ‘Thanks’ for keeping them in a  – unless someone takes the view that there’s no money for this as it costs too much to keep cleaning this dirt away, and fires them.

I’m not sure where I picked this one up – I was wandering around Easterhouse that day.

Graffiti Stop Control

Graffiti Stop Control


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