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Happy Pi Day

I almost forgot/missed it again!

I don’t know why, and I both know and think it is silly, but for some reason I’ve come to LIKE the existence of Pi Day.

You’ll always find some amazing pie pics shown online, baked to mark the the day, but this seemed…

Pi Day


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How I have a day at the seaside

In the ‘good old days’ when petrol was priced somewhat less than liquid gold, I used enjoy regular jollies down the coast. Before the made the roads ‘better’ and improved the A77, Ayr beach was nice little jaunt of around three-quarters of an hour.

At last count, and that was some years ago, things had got so much better that the trip had become one of an hour or more.


Haven’t seen Ayr (or any other part of the Clyde coast) for years, but thanks to living near a landfill site, some open land, and some scavenging seagulls, can still imagine.

It’s weird sometimes, as the gulls sometimes fill the sky nearby, and make just as much noise as they do when folk at the seaside throw their various suppers (from the sea front Fish & Chip shops) at them.

And, if I’m feeling really nostalgic, then I can wander along the road, and watch the gulls frolicking and having a bath on the spare ground, which never drains fully and, if you ignore the background, looks almost like the seaside.

'Seaside' seagulls

‘Seaside’ seagulls

Making the most of the poor drainage.

Time for a swim

Time for a swim

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