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Diesel diver

Given what we have learnt about the cover-up of diesel emissions by Volkswagen, and the now-foolish government backed promotion of small diesels in Europe, I’d be wishing my Volkswagen diesel would turn into a sub and dive out of sight.

But then again, again from driving company diesels, I never understood the attraction, even on an economic basis.

The cars were (so I was told back in the day) priced above the same petrol car, since the diesel engine had to be engineered to take the extra stresses imposed by diesel operation.

And there seemed to be no saving in fuel costs, as diesel fuel came to be priced at least 10% more than petrol, so the legendary 10% mileage advantage seemed to be yet another fantasy, or lie.

Regardless, I spotted a nice registration number recently, and one that didn’t ring any bells either, so is rare on my wanderings. A 2016  Volkswagen Tiguan Match.

Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2016

Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2016


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