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Spring snow

You have to love Scottish weather (and Canadian, from other tales I’ve been told recently), it never disappoints, unless you’re a Sun-worshipper. In that case, you really would be better off somewhere else.

March 21 is by no means ‘late’ for snow here, the latest date I can recall for sure is April 1 (seriously), but I’m sure that’s not the latest.

This morning’s view was no great surprise as I’d heard the noise that snow makes against the window during the night, and the temp had fallen from 10° C to 1° C and was still falling, but I was surprised by just how much was lying, given the previous ‘warm’ days.

I grabbed a quick pic with a couple of shaped trees that almost looked like Christmas trees with the snow lying on them, still snowing too.

Almost hard to believe it was only a couple of days ago I was enjoying a walk in the same place, having left off my winter protection yet still finding I was too warm and breaking sweat, and wondering how on earth the folk who were STILL wrapped up in heavy jackets, scarves, boots, gloves, and woolly hats were able to stand the heat, or if they were ‘cold-blooded’.

I find them as puzzling as the macho-males I also see in this weather, clad only in t-shirt, shorts, and trainers – apparently more interested in showing off their horrible hairy leg tattoos than staying warm. Clearly Scottish males wanting to get their money’s worth!

March 21 snow

March 21 snow


The temperature’s been unable to creep past 7° C today, but the snow didn’t last for more than a few hours.

All gone, and although it doesn’t show up in the second pic, there is actually a watery Sun shining on this later view:

March 21 no snow

March 21 no snow


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