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Night shots winding down and a Chevrolet Camaro V8 USA

I’ve always like night shots, from my early B&W film work which often fooled people as it could look like daytime shooting (until I pointed out the various anomalies), through the frustrations of poison yellow views captured under sodium street-lighting, to the joy of shooting hand-held night shots that genuinely look like daytime shots (again until anomalies are noted) thanks to the arrival of white LED street lights. The latter also being made possible by some amazing sensors in dSLRs combined with finding the right setting to go along with them.

I’d become so used to setting up for these shots that I’d almost forgotten how to cope with variations!

When I had to shoot both with a new (or at least seldom used long) lens recently, and under the dreaded sodium street lighting, all I got at first was yellow mush as the autofocus refused to kick in, the shots wanted so much exposure the anti-shake couldn’t cope, then the digital noise was so bad I thought I’d broken something. But, after a moment’s panic, I was able to restore at least reasonable and get the pics I wanted.

It was nice to get back to ‘normal’ night shot settings, which are almost point-and-shoot when correctly configured, and a far cry from the old days when working with film usually meant long exposures of many seconds, sometimes even more than the usual 30 second maximum provided.

This all came to mind as I was processing the pic below, which (need I say) was only caught because I could grab the shot in less than a second (before the subject sped off) hand-held, and did NOT need the long exposure and tripod, or some other fixed support, to allow the exposure film demanded.

Our new toys also mean we are spared the odd colour-shifts that could come with some films, and the grain of 400 or 800 ASA stock.

I couldn’t dredge up a quick set of details for this one, make no claims to be an expert, so can only guess it is a Chevrolet Camaro dating from around 2010 – and those rear lights came out rather nicely… two pairs of glasses!

Spot the almost cheeky grin formed in a reflection below the ‘pair’ on the right.

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro


Deal with it


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