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Unnoticed Templeton artwork

I may be wrong, but I haven’t come across any notable mentions for this piece of public artwork dedicated to Templeton’s carpet factory.

It’s not really in a prominent place at the side of London Road, and too far from The Barras to be noticed by the folk who roll there in their cars SUVs, or make their way there from Glasgow Green or the city centre.

I only found it by accident one day, as I happened to be on the opposite side of London Road from my usual route heading towards the People’s Palace – and was bound for Bill’s Tool Store at The Barras. I doubt if I would have noticed it otherwise.

It needs more PROMINENCE!

This first pic gives an idea of what it looks like – for the uninitiated and strangers… it’s a roll of carpet:

Templeton Art 01

Templeton Art

As it’s some distance along London Road from the factory building itself, I wanted to catch the two together and place it in context.

Unfortunately, while it is possible to look back down the road and see the building, it’s largely hidden behind a couple of trees, and only the upper part is visible over those trees:

Templeton Art and factory

Templeton Art and factory

I guess this really needs to be redone when the trees are asleep for winter.

Lastly, the plaque attached to, and explaining the work:

Templeton Art Plaque

Templeton Art Plaque


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