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Neeb’s wheels 9

It’s been a while since Neeb’s wheels were seen, and this one should have appeared a long time ago, but I sort of ‘forgot’.

And first up is actually a more recent, and lucky catch, showing not only the wheels (which is a not very interesting Land Rover Freelander 2 Metropolis), not only the personalised registration, but also the reason for that registration:

Land Rover Freelander [E8 BUN]

Land Rover Freelander [E8 BUN] at McPhies

See the baker’s web site here, showing they bake more than just the odd BUN: McPhies

Those who have read more of my earlier ramblings may be expecting me start rambling about the shop sign and use of “McPhies” with no apostrophe. Suffice to say that in this case its presence or absence is down to context, intended meaning, and whether that involves use of the collective name, or possession – and I’ll leave it there. I suggest reading up on its use in circumstances like this if you are interested.


I mentioned forgetting to post this sooner, but I really just didn’t get around to it, as the original pic was a bit of a disaster.

I hate some of our cold days here, since outdoors can be both damp (well, this is Scotland), and a little warmer than indoors (so, who can afford heating these days?) Temperature indoors lags temperature outdoors by quite a few hours. The result of this unfortunate combination means stepping out of doors with a camera that is a few degrees lower than outdoors ambient, and that can mean the glass surfaces are below the dew point, and that means… CONDENSATION inside the camera.

There’s not a lot can be done, other than to let it evaporate naturally, but that takes time and the moisture inside the camera can linger.

This first shot shows what I mean – the camera body and lens exterior were ‘clean’, and the fogging was due to internal condensation that formed only after I had been outside for a while on this particular day:

Freelander {E8 BUN] fogged

Freelander {E8 BUN] fogged

While it’s bad news for the camera and lens, which can’t be cleared and have to be left to dry out naturally, provided he fogging is uniform and not so bad as to obscure detail, can be dealt with quite successfully with only a little post-processing, In this case, I didn’t even have to adjust it after applying the automatic correction.

Freelander [E8 BUN] fixed

Freelander [E8 BUN] fixed

Even though the fogging was mild compared to some pics I’ve taken under these conditions, I’m still impressed by the improvement.

It may not be as crisp as the first image above, but that is not really down to the correction, as it was a (cold) dull grey day anyway


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