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The slightly anonymous Tollcross House

While it’s fairly easy to find information about the past and history of Glasgow’s Tollcross House, it’s surprisingly hard to find much online that mentions its fate after it converted to sheltered housing in the early 1990s.

From my own family, I know it was once a nice little museum, but from what I’ve heard it fell out of favour, the museum came to an end and its exhibits were dispersed to other locations, and the building was even at risk of becoming derelict. Then a religious organisation took it on.

I have no idea if it was still operating when I was a child, although I tend to doubt it as all I can think of is based on being told stories.

The only display I know of was a diorama, a taxidermal study depicting the old nursery rhyme asking “Who kill’d cock robin”.

I’m sure I saw this displayed some years ago, but I’m afraid I have completely and utterly forgotten where. Well, it WAS a surprise.

With little online, I’ve had a look at the entrance to the building, but to this day there is no obvious sign identifying the house, its owner, or its purpose. Nothing can be seen of any activity as the windows are always hidden by drawn curtains, and I doubt if I have ever seen anyone entering or leaving as I have passed.

This is just a random shot I grabbed while passing one day.

It’s really quite an interesting building to look at, and has a fair mix of features – a shame it did not survive as a museum, or is still a public building that can be accessed.

Tollcross House

Tollcross House

There was one surprising discovery made while I had a quick ferret around, just to confirm what I could remember.

There a highly decorative wrought iron fence on the corner access gate to Tollcross Park at the junction of Tollcross Road and Wellshot Road, and which I thought was a just an abstract design.

Looks as if I got that badly wrong…

Apparently the fence actually contains characters and elements from the original Cock Robin rhyme.

I NEVER realised this, and just thought it was a collection of abstract flowing galvanised metal rods, pleasant enough, but without form.

Well I got THAT wrong!

Needless to say, next trip to the shops will hopefully be on a decent day and I can look closer and get some pics.



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