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Confirmation of tunnel between Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Central Station

Over the years I’ve read many claims regarding hidden or lost tunnels under Glasgow, some being reasonable, others sounding like nothing more than fantasy.

While few have been substantiated, and no definitive list or reference being available, the best way to check any of these is to look in the most reliable online discussions and forums. Provided you can phrase a sensible search string, chances are you will find relevant information.

While some is anecdotal, and even more is mus-information and hearsay, it is possible to piece together answers if the question/location is specific enough.

One of those tunnels referred to was said to link Glasgow Royal Infirmary to Central Station.

This is quite some distance (well over a mile), so its existence was often dismissed, even though there were reasonably sound claims regarding its presence.

This recent news story regarding World War I finds made under Central Station confirms the existence of the tunnel, even if it does not explain why the tunnel was dug.

Some of the bodies were brought there from Glasgow Royal Infirmary along a tunnel from the hospital, before being put on trains to be handed over to their relatives for burial.

Lyons said: “They were transferred that way because the government was terrified that if people saw a procession of hearses through the streets, they would not want their men to go to war.”

Via First World War relics uncovered at Glasgow Central Station

Obviously I can’t provide a nice pic of a tunnel few have ever seen, but is seems a shame not to have a pic, so here’s something that isn’t modern and squeaky clean, concreted, bricked, or tiled, although it does seem to have modern lighting, better than anything that might have been in a tunnel that predated World War I.




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Glasgow City Council saves Glasgow School of Art again

I used to be part of a forum that spent much of its time kicking Glasgow City Council, but after I while I came to realise that this was not being done with any sort of rationale or logic, but was merely being driven by a few noisy people whose aim was to run what amounted to anti-council campaign, possibly based on little more than hate or politics, and which simply took almost every decision made by the council… and ranted against it, regardless of whether or not a reasonable person would have approved.

That’s not to say Glasgow City Council is perfect, but after looking at reports of other councils in the media – we don’t actually do that badly, and maybe better than some.

I see the council has just made the news by rejecting a planning application for a block of flats to be built adjacent to the Glasgow School of Art.

While I suspect it would be fairly safe to say there are few (not counting the developer concerned) who would disagree with the refusal, I did note that the report showed the rejection was not carried unanimously, but by a vote 12 to 6 against.

See Planners reject flats beside Glasgow School of Art

It’s kind of hard to see how anyone (from Glasgow at least) without something to gain would be for FOR this proposal.

I’d rather like to see the 6 who voted against being interviewed on TV, and asked to explain the reasons for their desire to see those flats built next to the GSA.

Glasgow School of Art post fire

Glasgow School of Art post fire

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Pollock House is open for visitors again

Pollock House is one of those places I should have been to, more than once too, but never have.

The occasion never really arose, and its location (as I found when I looked at public transport routes to the Burrell Collection) is not straightforward from where I live on the opposite side of Glasgow. Before I was priced off the road, I even considered driving there was awkward, as you had to know the roads well to avoid getting lost in the maze of local roads. Unlike Glasgow city centre, many are not on a grid layout, and both curve and connect at odd angles, which can defeat the best ‘Sense of direction’.

The house reopened on 1 April 2017 following a period of refurbishment.

I like to know how long these refurbishments take, and although I can remember the closure being notified, I can’t recall when that was.

This sort of info can usually be found online, but in this case this is almost impossible thank to the many online review and attraction listing web sites – which I consider are largely rubbish and a waste of space. I, for one, don’t believe most of the reviewers.

To be clear… I hate them all, and have NEVER (and would/will NEVER) refer to them. All their content is stolen and second-hand hearsay anyway.

The problem arises when trying to search for info on ‘Pollock House Glasgow’ or similar, when the majority of items returned by a search comprised mostly paid, sponsored, or ‘search engine optimised’ drivel from these useless sources (which are ultimately desperate to get ad revenue).

So, much as I would LIKE to state when Pollock House close for refurbishment, I simply can’t.

But maybe I’ll work out a simple combination of public transport options and see the place before I pop my clogs.

I wonder if there’s a decent route by bike, might be less insane and awkward.

Pollock House 2013

Pollock House 2013

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My past is being erased – 01

One of the sad things I remember my mother saying one day was something along the lines of “I’m done. There’s nothing left in this world that I recognise“.

It was an understandable outburst from anyone who lived through the Glasgow of the 1960s and saw how the streets that they once saw teeming with life and people had become little more than vast empty spaces. The family home (and grandfather’s newsagent’s shop) was gone, having been razed to make way for London Rd Police Station.

While we may now reside in area where that’s unlikely to be repeated, I doubt I could find any shops in the city centre that mattered to me, let alone my parents. This was brought home some years ago when I decided to go collect some pics of ‘old surviving shops’ in the city (identified from books that were not that old), only to find that 90% had gone, making the task a quick one, and with little to show for the effort.

This has also been brought home to me recently, by chance, as I happened to trip over some places that I once saw frequently.

I happened to look across Baillieston Cross last week, not somewhere I see often since I was priced off the road.

It took a moment for the scene to sink in, and I realised that the road I once travelled on a daily basis to get to Coatbridge was GONE!

It was the area now being filled in behind the comes on the left.

Baillieston Cross

Baillieston Cross

I was obliged to travel that way to get to school (actually schools since I had to transfer after 4 years), unless I had to use the train.

In more recent years I’ve killed the odd spare hour by taking a walk to Bargeddie – at least I can still do that.

Here’s a closer look at the ‘erasure’ of part of my past, or infill of the former road.

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd Dead

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd dead

However, there is at least good reason for the change: M8 Missing Link Opens

Seeing this gave me a feeling something like nails being hammered into my coffin.

I’ll have to dig out some previous pics I collected a while ago.

These came from an earlier, but similar ‘shock’ – when I discovered not one, but BOTH of the schools I had attended in Coatbridge had been demolished.

The first I was prepared for (a few years ago), and actually made the trip to take a look after I couldn’t find it on Google Earth, and went to see why.

The second was more of a shock, as I had no idea it had just been demolished not long before I made the trip last year, and actually thought I had got off the train at the wrong station!

I hadn’t, and count myself lucky to have gone back in earlier days just for some pics – on film, which indicates how long ago that was.

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