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My past is being erased – 01

One of the sad things I remember my mother saying one day was something along the lines of “I’m done. There’s nothing left in this world that I recognise“.

It was an understandable outburst from anyone who lived through the Glasgow of the 1960s and saw how the streets that they once saw teeming with life and people had become little more than vast empty spaces. The family home (and grandfather’s newsagent’s shop) was gone, having been razed to make way for London Rd Police Station.

While we may now reside in area where that’s unlikely to be repeated, I doubt I could find any shops in the city centre that mattered to me, let alone my parents. This was brought home some years ago when I decided to go collect some pics of ‘old surviving shops’ in the city (identified from books that were not that old), only to find that 90% had gone, making the task a quick one, and with little to show for the effort.

This has also been brought home to me recently, by chance, as I happened to trip over some places that I once saw frequently.

I happened to look across Baillieston Cross last week, not somewhere I see often since I was priced off the road.

It took a moment for the scene to sink in, and I realised that the road I once travelled on a daily basis to get to Coatbridge was GONE!

It was the area now being filled in behind the comes on the left.

Baillieston Cross

Baillieston Cross

I was obliged to travel that way to get to school (actually schools since I had to transfer after 4 years), unless I had to use the train.

In more recent years I’ve killed the odd spare hour by taking a walk to Bargeddie – at least I can still do that.

Here’s a closer look at the ‘erasure’ of part of my past, or infill of the former road.

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd Dead

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd dead

However, there is at least good reason for the change: M8 Missing Link Opens

Seeing this gave me a feeling something like nails being hammered into my coffin.

I’ll have to dig out some previous pics I collected a while ago.

These came from an earlier, but similar ‘shock’ – when I discovered not one, but BOTH of the schools I had attended in Coatbridge had been demolished.

The first I was prepared for (a few years ago), and actually made the trip to take a look after I couldn’t find it on Google Earth, and went to see why.

The second was more of a shock, as I had no idea it had just been demolished not long before I made the trip last year, and actually thought I had got off the train at the wrong station!

I hadn’t, and count myself lucky to have gone back in earlier days just for some pics – on film, which indicates how long ago that was.


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