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Do tin cans shrink when they are washed?

I’d forgotten having gone to the bother of taking pics of tins of tuna a while ago, after I thought my eyes had gone a bit ‘funny’ and I was seeing things.

In fact, my eyes were fine and the stack of tins on my shelf were in fact different sizes – as the tins had shrunk between visits to the shops.

What I DON’T UNDERSTAND is why the media sees fit only to whine about the reduction in size of luxury items and sweets such as Cadbury’s Fingers or Toblerone, yet if they did mention this, it certainly didn’t make it into my list of ‘Most Read’ items where I have notable stories fed to me.

Search for something like a these products and the word ‘shrinks’ and you will find the media has loads of articles on the sweets, but non on the tuna, or ‘real’ food.

The media is more interested in attacking companies like Cadbury’s than it is of genuinely acting on real food prices.

Tuna Tins Compared

Tuna Tins Compared

And the numbers that confirm the MKI eyeball comparison.

Tuna Tin Labels Compared

Tuna Tin Labels Compared


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