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Odd shelter found in public park

This was a slightly odd find after I took a different path through one of my local parks.

It’s very like a one man (person?) shelter made from available materials, and only needs a tarp or similar cover over it to make it waterproof. You’d have to bring your own as there’s absolutely nothing natural in our parks to make any sort of sheet out of.

I’ve come across various hides built in forests and by riversides in the past, but there’s no way this could be a hide. It’s possibly not too obvious from the pics, but this in bushes only a few feet from public paths so no wildlife here – apart from the odd squirrel, or rat, or mouse.

Well, being in the east end of Glasgow, maybe it’s just a temporary ‘drinking den’ for some poor henpecked souls from the nearby houses.

While I say that in jest, sort of, there is another smaller park nearby, and the council eventually destroyed it by dumping a load of tree-cutting and logs to block access. I’d explored it before this was done, and it was strewn with empty cans and bottles, and various items of drug paraphernalia.

This thing looks largely like fallen branches in the flat 2D pics, but when seen for real, the thinner twigs and branches were clearly woven into the thicker supporting branches.

Park Shelter

Park Shelter


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