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Alternative Belgrove Hotel view

While most views of Glasgow’s well-known Bellgrove Hotel tend to favour a frontal view of the building and feature the name, I noticed that the demolition of what was quite new housing on the Gallowgate left a clear view of the side elevation of the hotel.

For those unfamiliar with this Glasgow icon, I should offer full disclosure and identify it as a Men’s Hostel, one which can be found to attract adverse publicity in the local media.

I don’t usually see this view, but found it by chance when taking a shortcut across the ground where the house had once stood.

This view would have been impossible, even when the hotel was first built, as a street ran along the side of hotel, with tenements across from it blocking any view, as can be seen in original B&W views from the past.

Bellgrove Hotel side

Bellgrove Hotel side

More usually seen as (one my old pics – this tatty view is now refurbished to match the above):

Bellgrove Hotel

Bellgrove Hotel

Part of the refurb included the addition of glass panels to the doors, revealing a surprisingly well-lit reception.

The downside is that I now have to remember to cross the road when passing – the last three times I passed the new glass doors I found it was a handy way for a ‘resident’ to stay out of sight and jump out just as you get near, and ask for 2 pence.

Seriously, 2 PENCE!

That’s really what I get asked for if I’m careless and forget to cross the road before reaching the door.

Best avoided at weekends too, if there’s a game on at Parkhead, in which case the residents just stand outside asking for money as the mass of fans pass.


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