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Goodbye old friend

I was disappointed to discover my own carelessness led to the loss of a good friend that has been with me for a number of years.

Some may recognise the sad view of a Tool Logic credit card pocket tool below, devoid of what is probably its most useful accessory.

Tool Logic

Tool Logic

I suppose I expected this, but it was still a surprise the day it happened.

The empty corner – at bottom right – is where the small knife that forms part of this tool used to live.

I hated it when I first got the tool, as the edge was serrated rather than straight, but came to find it so much more useful than a straight edge as it could be used to saw through objects that a plain edge would just slide over.

I’ve no idea how this happened as I had become quite careful about clipping it back into the main body when I used it, and recalled the last usage, when I cut through the plastic security seals on the box containing an MP3 device I had just bought, and wanted to read the full spec of before I headed for home, and not too far from the shop.

Next time I needed the knife – GONE!

While I didn’t really expect to find it, I even spent a couple of hours backtracking my route to the point where I’d opened the box, but of course, found nothing.

As for the moulded (and also empty) area towards the top right corner…

That was an LED torch (red, as this is an old item), which also vanished one day.

I didn’t even know about this until I got home and was emptying my pockets. This one was even more of mystery as the cover and switch were semi-permanent and not removable, other than to replace the battery.

I can only guess that both fell victim to being caught on a seam or similar on my pocket or other item of clothing when being removed from my pocket, and I didn’t notice.

Pity, I had come to like this one, and depend on it on an almost daily basis.

Chances of replacement? Slim to nil.

A quick look online shows this once sensibly priced item has climbed to something like £25 (more than twice what I paid a few years ago) – which I think is just ridiculous, but reflect the trend to charge a fortune for anything that smacks of ‘gadget’, or even preppy or prepper usefulness these days.

I suppose Plan ‘B’ will have to be invoked.

I may not be able to make it from hardened steel, but I guess I can fabricate a similar blade, and spend a lot of time keeping the edge sweet.


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