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Our workers are as thick as bricks

Even though one of my jobs involved proceduralising work process and writing instructions for staff to detail how they should carry out their jobs, this never went down to the sort of detail that suggested they were as ‘Thick as bricks’.

But I do wonder when I come across examples.

This one had me smiling, or was I shaking my head?

While disposing of some packaging the light caught it from behind I noticed that the label appeared to have some under-printing:

Final label

Final label

I couldn’t quite make out the detail of the wording, but suspected it was maybe a misprint, or maybe a pricing error that had slipped through, and a second label had been applied to correct it.

Or had I found some sort of secret code or message?

Fortunately (or maybe not) the second label was not applied with permanent adhesive, and what was below was a bit of a surprise (for me at least):



I’m almost afraid to ask…

Where were the employees putting the labels BEFORE they were given this vital clue as to the correct position?


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