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Job sign is blunt and to the point

I first spotted this sign on April 1, and given the significance of that day, and the fact that I had never seen it, or come across another one before, was not sure if it was real.

While I approve of its simple and blunt message, I’m also usually dismayed by union approached to such things, and would not be surprised to find strikes being called to have such a sign banned on the basis that it was somehow ‘unfair and threatening’ to the poor, persecuted union members.

But after looking closer at the site concerned, I saw more of these signs posted around the perimeter, and a pile of them lying beside the… tea room.

I’ve also checked my own industrial sign supplier, and see that it is fact one of a number of such blunt signs that combine various equipment omissions that will lead to employment problems.

No Job Sign

No Job Sign


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  1. Very important on Construction Sites. Operatives are lazy over their own safety, and often have to be forced into wearing PPE. Years of cajoling didn’t work which is why there is now a ‘no nonsense’ attitude to this.


    Comment by Ray Melville | April 15, 2017

  2. A ‘shaming’ method seen recently is where operatives have ‘forgotten’ their PPE and helmets and hi-vis vests lent to them are fluorescent pink! They won’t ‘forget’ to return them at the end of their shift!


    Comment by Ray Melville | April 15, 2017

  3. Loving the ‘pink punishment’ 🙂

    Thanks Ray.


    Comment by Apollo | April 15, 2017

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