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Holiday time for night shots

Looking at some pics I hadn’t bothered processing recently reminded I had, I think, mentioned that I was glum as the chances of night shots have gone for the next 6 months or so.

With no car to take refuge in nowadays, or to reach nice dark places in relative safety, I just don’t feel secure wandering around with a camera in the dark.

I’ve quite enjoyed the ‘dark’ city this year, as the death of the dreaded monochromatic yellow sodium street light arrived with a vengeance, and the place is covered with white LED lighting. Even the main roads around my home saw them arrive, and I just noticed that new lampposts have been installed on some lesser roads, heralding their arrival there.

Now that I have ‘mastered’ low light photography again (under certain circumstances!) and can take hand-held with my dSLR I’ll miss this for a while – but I have autumn to look forward too.

Just for fun, I grabbed a couple of comparison shots when I was somewhere I dared to stand still long enough to set up for a long exposure.

OK, I’m not saying identical, but given it would have been impossible to take such a shot a few years ago, the hand-held shot doesn’t really compare badly to the ‘classic’ long exposure. And you can even read the destinations on the motorway sign – in BOTH! Even the high ISO. Try that with 400 ASA colour film. That has to be a tribute to both the sensor’s ability AND the anti-shake system.

And now we can choose light trails, or NO light trails!

But still… ORANGE SKY!

In case you were wondering – the ‘castle’ above the trees on the right… it’s just a water tower.

M8 Night Slow

M8 Night Slow


M8 Night Fast

M8 Night Fast


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