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Before jumping to any conclusions…

NO – that’s not me in the pic (or even one of my pics to be honest).

I came across this pic in a American thread sharing thousands of old motoring pics (no source given) and recognised the Jeep.

While it’s probably not identical, it is very similar to one I had – with the emphasis very much on had.

We moved home, and the pedal-powered Jeep ended up being ‘parked’ behind a garden shed… and forgotten. Not only forgotten, but lost from sight as the area was left to become overgrown and forgotten too.

Fast forward about 30 years, and muggins was tasked with clearing the garden of its undergrowth – yes, there was a lot.

The job was done a few years ago, but this pic reminded me of the abandoned Jeep, and its loss.

I should perhaps add, clarify, and emphasise… TOTAL LOSS.

I’m not sure what I found during that clear up, obviously some part that had not rusted or not rotted away over the years, and was sufficient to remind me of the existence of the Jeep, but whatever tiny part it was, it was the ONLY part that survived the effects of being left outside and forgotten for all those years.

Of the little Jeep’s body, panels, or pedal mechanism there was absolutely NOTHING found on the spot where it had been left.

Pity, they can be worth reasonable money these days.

Pedal Jeep

Pedal Jeep


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