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Shettleston Road fire surprise

This was a bit of a surprise the other day, and I almost missed it altogether.

I’d been here a few days before, and things looked normal, but when I glanced over again (on my way to the shops) thought the view looked ‘odd’.

Walking over for a closer look showed the roof had gone and I was looking at the tenement across the road, through blackened rafters which were all that remained of the roof over the takeaway.

It’s only a few weeks since the rest of this site was razed – conspiracy theorists would be having fun with the timing!

Shettleston Road Fire

Shettleston Road Fire

The sign from Cafe Shama and Pizza4u has gone, but Google’s handy Street View caught it for posterity. Those two shops in the centre were originally a single unit – as the remains of the roof, and rear view show.

A shame that one shop fire takes out two others – Eastbank Glass has been closed for years.

We actually used to have one of the flats seen through those rafters (but it was a long time ago), and I was there when another fire started nearby. The excitement came not from the fire, but the arrival of the fire engine. Although it didn’t actually crash, it arrived too fast and when the driver braked it lost grip, mounted the pavement and slid to a halt inches from the building and a bus stop.

Guess I’ll have to watch this spot and see if the businesses are reinstated, or the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right, and the this site is now razed completely – and replaced by flats.

As an aside, that Turkish Barbers used to be a butcher’s shop.

I parked where the dark car is sitting on the right.

As I got out of the car, the butcher ran out of the shop telling me to “GET AWAY FROM THE FRONT OF HIS SHOP AS THAT SPACE WAS FOR HIS CUSTOMERS!”

Obviously a nutjob as the public road is for everyone’s use.

I wasn’t going to argue and just walked away from him as he continued to shout at me (I was only going to be there for a couple of minutes as I dropped a cheque off in a nearby broker’s office). I was actually at work, or I’d just have left the car there for a while, maybe even sat on it front of his window, just to wind him up. Or took a walk to the police station, just along the road.

But I was a nicer guy in those days.

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Mushroom mural

Just a quick pic for today.

Since I included the Ingram Street mural with the yesterday’s shiny Flying Spur (which was really the subject, in spite of that post’s title), I suppose I’m obliged to include this mural which appears on the adjacent building and was just out of sight.

I do admire the way the folk who paint these things keep their proportions correct, given the scale of the work, and the fact that when actually painting them they are up against the wall.

I did see one where a grid was used, but then again, I’ve also seen pics where there was no grid, or at least not one that could be seen.

That thought also has me wondering if they apply perspective corrections, like those who carved a number of statues seen on some Glasgow buildings.

Apparently these were carved to correct for perspective and viewing errors or distortions caused by looking at them from below, from the street. I should look into this, and find some actual examples to get pics and post one day.

Mushroom Mural

Mushroom Mural

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Site News April 2017

Big S blog

Quiet month as other activities divert attention, and what laughingly passes for warm weather here arrives, and start the weeds growing again.

I had to look twice when I saw an old guy in a sleeveless t-shirt pass me while walking his dog – I’d seen the gritters out late the night before, and when I checked my outdoor thermometer confirmed it was indeed showing 0°C. And I thought I was crazy one for having grabbed an extra jacket that morning!

But, it is getting warmer, so time to play in here is going to be truncated, and activity will lessen.


While I’m not really counting (and grateful that anyone takes the time to share), I was intrigued to see that our little group has made it to the heady level of being just 500 pics short of the 10,000 mark.

And there is still the odd gem and surprise to be seen appearing there too, so let’s hope that continues.

I don’t know why some kind folk from overseas add pics to a Scotland specific group, as their material is usually very good, and it does cause me ‘pain’ to hit the delete option on their offering, but it does contravene the rules.


Surprisingly, given the failures of previous years, I still seem to be making PaDs (Post a Day) and for the moment at least, don’t really see any reason why this should falter as it has before. Perhaps my approach is better this years, and material better chosen. Previous effort had followed advice to be interesting and meaningful, and write lots to keep readers interested.

Largely tossed that, and now tend to go with what I like, and tough if anyone doesn’t (like it). Also trying to be shorter and less waffly (that doesn’t always work though).


As always, the awkward one.

While I’m letting it run and don’t want to disappoint the few faithful, I can’t ignore the fact that while they ‘talk’ to me, this lacks the one thing a forum can thrive on – having members that ‘speak’ to each other.

While it’s nice to have thoughts shared with me, it actually makes it hard to keep up, as the discussions become very much ‘One on One’ and are either sessions of ‘Patting on the Back’ if we agree, or risk becoming disputes or arguments if we don’t, and in print as opposed to face-to-face, that can quickly deteriorate if a badly chosen reply is made.

I really have to fire up the ‘new’ forum as this will (I hope) allow automated registration to be restored (remember, the old one is so old it has no effective screening or barring) and perhaps the folk who enquire about membership will actually follow-up, as the barrier of manual registration is raised.


Still managing to slip in the odd page or two, but also missing out on some subjects that have been highlighted and demand longer and more time-consuming research to check the material, or provide supporting references.

Still, as long it grows, even slowly now that I have no help, I can’t really complain, and just plod on.

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