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Mushroom mural

Just a quick pic for today.

Since I included the Ingram Street mural with the yesterday’s shiny Flying Spur (which was really the subject, in spite of that post’s title), I suppose I’m obliged to include this mural which appears on the adjacent building and was just out of sight.

I do admire the way the folk who paint these things keep their proportions correct, given the scale of the work, and the fact that when actually painting them they are up against the wall.

I did see one where a grid was used, but then again, I’ve also seen pics where there was no grid, or at least not one that could be seen.

That thought also has me wondering if they apply perspective corrections, like those who carved a number of statues seen on some Glasgow buildings.

Apparently these were carved to correct for perspective and viewing errors or distortions caused by looking at them from below, from the street. I should look into this, and find some actual examples to get pics and post one day.

Mushroom Mural

Mushroom Mural


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