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Shettleston Road fire surprise

This was a bit of a surprise the other day, and I almost missed it altogether.

I’d been here a few days before, and things looked normal, but when I glanced over again (on my way to the shops) thought the view looked ‘odd’.

Walking over for a closer look showed the roof had gone and I was looking at the tenement across the road, through blackened rafters which were all that remained of the roof over the takeaway.

It’s only a few weeks since the rest of this site was razed – conspiracy theorists would be having fun with the timing!

Shettleston Road Fire

Shettleston Road Fire

The sign from Cafe Shama and Pizza4u has gone, but Google’s handy Street View caught it for posterity. Those two shops in the centre were originally a single unit – as the remains of the roof, and rear view show.

A shame that one shop fire takes out two others – Eastbank Glass has been closed for years.

We actually used to have one of the flats seen through those rafters (but it was a long time ago), and I was there when another fire started nearby. The excitement came not from the fire, but the arrival of the fire engine. Although it didn’t actually crash, it arrived too fast and when the driver braked it lost grip, mounted the pavement and slid to a halt inches from the building and a bus stop.

Guess I’ll have to watch this spot and see if the businesses are reinstated, or the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right, and the this site is now razed completely – and replaced by flats.

As an aside, that Turkish Barbers used to be a butcher’s shop.

I parked where the dark car is sitting on the right.

As I got out of the car, the butcher ran out of the shop telling me to “GET AWAY FROM THE FRONT OF HIS SHOP AS THAT SPACE WAS FOR HIS CUSTOMERS!”

Obviously a nutjob as the public road is for everyone’s use.

I wasn’t going to argue and just walked away from him as he continued to shout at me (I was only going to be there for a couple of minutes as I dropped a cheque off in a nearby broker’s office). I was actually at work, or I’d just have left the car there for a while, maybe even sat on it front of his window, just to wind him up. Or took a walk to the police station, just along the road.

But I was a nicer guy in those days.


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