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Why I hate being forced to use the compact

While I gain the advantage of being able to catch pics on days when I can’t carry a dSLR/zoom combo, I still can’t say I’m happy with having to use a small pocketable compact camera.

While the disadvantages remain outweighed by the fact of catching pics that would otherwise have been missed, it’s still not fun using a camera that takes time to switch on, has to grind the zoom lens out and in before becoming useable, takes ages to focus, and then to take the pic after the shutter button has been pressed. It’s so different from a dSLR, always on and ready to go with no fuss – it’s actually a better point-and-click camera than a… point-and-click camera. I won’t even dwell on the delivery of an image that can’t be cropped or zoomed (as it’s too fuzzy).

But the biggest pain is the lack of viewfinder, and having to hold the thing at arm’s length to use the screen on the back for composing and checking the shot – it’s so discreet and unnoticeable (NOT!).

Even a ‘large’ LCD doesn’t show enough detail to warn of failure of the autofocus, and it’s too late to redo the shot after you get home and see the full-size image.

The first pic was the one I wanted, just for the fun of the ‘First cat spotted outdoors for Spring 2017’, but useless autofocus.

The second pic is focussed, but useless, with the cat behind the fence, and not looking cute on the window ledge.

Cat Focus Fail

Cat Focus Fail


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