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Free Comic Book Day is here

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. A time of free comics for all to enjoy. Come to your local comic book stores for free comics from different companies/titles just being given away.

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

And it’s global!

Free Comic Book Day – First Saturday in May

Find your local/nearest shop in their:

Store Locator

While this is a blog that will kick any ‘Nationalist Loonies’ as far is can see them, that doesn’t preclude me for noting that their ‘International Store Locator’ option does actually include an option for ‘Scotland’, not just the more usual ‘UK’.

(As an ‘equal opportunity’ discrimination site, Unionist Loonies and all other similar crackpots will be despatched with similar over-zealous vigour.)

I have to confess that although I discovered Free Comic Book Day some time ago, and who doesn’t like ‘FREE’ (especially if one of the peasant classes), I’ve never actually taken a walk to one of these events.

Now, what am I doing tomorrow?


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New sculpture evolves in Cunningar Loop Park

Cunningar Loop is a place of surprises these days.

I just detoured through it after finding the new bridge was not only installed, but open – expect a post about that when I get a moment, but I just did not realise how long it had been since I’d followed that path, and previous visits had made it look as if work had stalled, so I forgot all about it.

But this was another chance find as I had just crossed the bridge for the sake of doing it, but then decided to head for the original entrance, and found the sculpture below had been added (delivered back in November 2016):

Evolve, a six metre high sculpture created by Glasgow based artist Rob Mulholland took over six months to create, and is fabricated from high grade stainless steel. It has over six hundred individual pieces welded together to create its structure.

This is by the same artist who created Oatlands Girl, another recent find.

Cunningar Evolve Sculpture

Cunningar Evolve Sculpture

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