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Nae Eye Deer roam Cunningar Loop Woodland Park

Following on from the previous sculpture post

Love it, loathe it, Glasgow humour works, even if can’t be understood, or needs translation for ‘foreigners’.

I saw these deer in their unmolested form just after the park opened and I (finally) got to have a wander around the loop. I was so shocked at finally getting into the place, after trying for about FIVE* years (maybe more, I can’t remember when I first tried to get onto the loop), I forgot about that batch of pics, and never got around to using them.

But back to the fun, and when I had a quick wander after the new footbridge over the River Clyde was found to be finished and open recently, re-acquainted myself with some of the residents.

Cunningar Loop Nae Eye Deer

Cunningar Loop Nae Eye Deer


Whit’s thatWhat is that?

Nay eye deerNo idea.


Please note also that Scots are NOT grammatically illiterate, and the apostrophe has been both placed and used correctly.

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  • Unfortunately, I found out how to access the area of Cunningar Loop some years before the 2014 Commonwealth Shames were inflicted on Glaswegians, and when I took a walk to the access road found my way barred by gates and fencing, but was promised a great new park was being created behind, and would be open BEFORE the Shames began.

Of course, this never happened, but the fences and gates stayed up, promises of the park continued, funding apparently dried up, more promises, and two years after the Shames the place did finally materialise, and even got its bridge.

So, not at all bad in the end, and as someone who lives on the opposite side of the river from the original access road in Dalmarnock, I also appreciate that new bridge

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