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Random Morris Minor

Nothing special, just catching up on an old pic I let lie and almost forgot.

A very tidy Morris Minor convertible split window I tripped over while waddling around the back streets.

In this case, near a repair shop where I know the owner is into Classic Cars and suchlike.

Morris Minor Convertible

Morris Minor Convertible

As someone who is more used to wondering how to get a large engine into a small car (or rather engine bay), I will never get used to seeing one of these with the bonnet up, and seeing a tiny engine lost in a vast volume of near empty engine bay.

By way of contrast, the last time I had to have a ‘serious’ car alarm/immobiliser fitted – they had to give up and fit it inside, behind the dash and a corner of the footwell. This would not have been so bad but for the insurance requirement to have TWO sounders, one inside and one outside the car, the umpteen decibel sounder supposedly forcing a car thief to give up and leave it after a few minutes. The manual keyswitch for disabling this was on the larger control unit, intended to be in the engine compartment, but lack of space meant that module was INSIDE the car AND hard to reach to switch off!


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