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Military Museum Scotland has arrived

It’s almost exactly a year since I first heard of Military Museum Scotland, a project hoping to deliver a permanent museum to all aspect of Scottish military history.

The project came from Mobile Military Museum, which visited schools and events with its displays, but saw the need for a more permanent facility.

That has now arrived, and been in existence for some 11 weeks now, and reported to be progressing well.

It is a hands on museum where visitors get to handle most of the artefacts (they are not locked away in glass cases) and has both indoor and outdoor displays, a café, gift shop, and wheelchair access.

Military Museum Scotland’s aims are primarily education, covering Scottish military history from World War I to the present day. 95% of the displays are open, so most artefacts can be handled.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 – 16.00 (Mondays are reserved for booked school visits). The museum is also available for private evening bookings, and offers a drop in centre for military veterans.

More info at the following links:

Military Museum Scotland – VisitScotland

Mobile Military Museum – Twitter

Ex-soldier inspired by father’s wartime bravery launches Military Museum Scotland – Sunday Post

Military museum opened in West Lothian by son of war hero – Daily Record

They don’t have a web site, but are on Facebook – you’ll have to look for them there.

And here’s their pic of the sign at the door:

Military Museum Scotland Sign

Military Museum Scotland Sign


Legion Hall, Louis Braille Avenue,
Linburn Centre,
West Lothian,
EH27 8EJ

Tel: 07799565243


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Glamour at St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge

I don’t usually do people or candid shots, and don’t move in the right circles to find glamour, but got lucky yesterday.

While I was wandering around Glasgow Green I was followed by a small photography team with a model, and it was inevitable that they’d eventually intrude into one my collections.

I hope they had permission, as I recall reading that Glasgow City Council requires this (currently £434 for a half day – less than 4 hours – or £881 for a full day) for commercial TV, filming, or photography.

Glasgow City council – Book of Charges (pdf)

I wouldn’t normally have even noticed this, but for some recent court cases I noted, and the issues they raised…

Photography can be risky in the UK – just having a camera might get you into trouble

In this case, they ‘intruded’ into pics I was taking of the St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge over the River Clyde, and its plaque in particular.

I live in fear now, having caught this view without planning it, of a presumably professional model, and DON’T have a signed release authorising my use of the image.

I await the knock at my door, the frog-march to court, fine, and possibly even jail-time for my heinous crime.

Or worse! Since I have taken a picture of a woman’s bare legs… and arms… without asking her permission.

Perhaps I should just go and hand myself in at the nearest police station, and save myself the days of worry.

St Andrew's Suspension Bridge Model

St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Model

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