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St Peter’s Seminary future finally seems secure

I’ve watched the various highs and lows of the efforts to save the remains of St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross with an assortment of emotions ranging from hopelessness (expecting the next story to be one of an announcement of site clearance) to thoughts of ‘Too little, too late’ as impractical suggestions were reported.

After all the years of abandonment, dereliction, and decay, the only positive note could be that the concrete structure, if not the facility, would remain. And that was probably key to the only practical solution – preserving the site as a modern ruin by clearing the site and stabilising the remains, and restoring the land around it. Anything else would be a bonus – and that would seem to be the creation of an arts venue.

This opening summary from Helensburgh Heritage probably tells the main story:

ITH major funding now in place, construction works will begin at St Peter’s at Cardross later this year.

Instead of attempting to turn back time and restore the building to its former glory, the NVA approach will accept the loss and ruination that has happened over the last 30 years as an important part of its story.

They will consolidate much of the building in its current state to create an intentional modernist ruin. The former chapel will be partially restored as a multi-functional events space, and the original ziggurat roof light which stood above the altar will be reinstated.

Path networks will be re-established in the woodland and we will begin to grow native and exotic plant species to gradually bring the landscape back to life.

They will soon be looking for volunteers to help them to restore the beautiful woodland surrounding St Peter’s. Anyone interested in getting involved, please sign up for a volunteering account at

Read the full article here: St Peter’s funding now in place

I’m always slightly irritated by my own past, having passed the area on an almost weekly basis for years, but unaware of the place, and that it would have been a nice exploration and place to collect some pics of it the years before it became such a well-known cause.

Specter of St Peter's

Specter of St Peter’s (NOT a misspelling by us!)

A couple of years old now, but this is still worth a look if you have not heard of the place before:

St Peter’s Seminary as seen by ‘Sometimes Interesting’

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