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GoMA needs to get a grip

I used to enjoy making the effort to get into Glasgow’s GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) whenever I was in the city centre, but in recent years I’ve begun to wonder why I bother.

All the permanent exhibits have gone.

It has so little to offer it was able to lose the basement exhibition space and turn it into a library.

There used to be an exhibit space on the first floor (there was a Sharmanka installation there) which seems to have gone.

Looking at its web site, all the interesting exhibits seem to be from past years – and I seem to have missed most of them to.

Guess I don’t get the chance to drop in often enough.

But I’m not just ‘having a go’, as the most recent claimed ‘exhibit’ that appeared in the news is really just an insult…

An empty gallery has been unveiled as the latest work by an artist who “cancelled” her exhibition at one of Glasgow’s leading venues.

Marlie Mul asked for no exhibition to be held in the Gallery of Modern Art.

All that will be visible in the gallery are billboards advertising that the exhibition has been cancelled.

People are being invited to “visit and interact with the space” – and suggest alternative uses for the gallery during the five months set aside for the show.

Gallery 1 at Goma will lie empty from Friday until the end of October.

Visitors will instead be greeted by 21 billboards advertising the cancellation of the exhibition by the Dutch artist.

‘Amazing opportunity’

Goma said Mul’s “conceptual gesture” was to act as an “implicit critique of what is displayed within museums and galleries”.

It said that by removing traditional content and opening the space for public use, Mul was “augmenting the institution to question the relevance of an art exhibition in 2017”.

Goma curator Will Cooper said the cancellation was an “amazing opportunity”.

He said: “By removing what would traditionally be considered an art object we are instead presenting the gallery as an empty space, giving us a moment to question the value in turning over exhibition after exhibition after exhibition.”

He added: “We’re excited by the different types of activities that might be on offer during this cancelled show.

Via: Glasgow gallery left empty for ‘cancelled’ exhibition

Since the ‘artist’ cancelled…

Are any sponsorships, fees, or payments cancelled too?

Or are they excluded?

It’s nonsense such as this that turns people off so rapidly when the words ‘Modern Art’ are uttered, and GoMA’s curator commenting that offering an empty space for public use is “amazing opportunity” is just an attempt cover up a disaster by repackaging it an hoping nobody notices.

(I noticed).

I’d say we are being sold short by GoMA these days, and they really should give themselves a shake.

At the moment, the best part is the shop, which is more interesting and inspiring than any of the exhibition spaces – and it’s a lot busier too!



Carl Sagan

Here’s a suggestion, an exhibit dedicate to Carl Sagan and his Baloney Detection Kit!


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Lifeboat station sculpture

I wonder how many people pass by the lifeboat station of the Glasgow Humane Society and fail to notice the sculpture about one of the access doors?

It’s not exactly a high-profile location, nor is it particularly easy to spot, as the spot is littered with other odds and ends belonging to the station (there’s even some ‘classic’ cast-iron there, rescued from the street – but maybe another day), and since most folk wander around looking down at their phones in some sort of dumb trance, I doubt many see it.

It makes a change from usual stainless steel used for many such creations these days, as the plain old steel it’s been drafted from is weathering and rusting, and making it look completely different from those more usual shiny installations.

It’s a nice catch to make if in the area, and a shame to miss if passing nearby.

Clyde Sculpture

Clyde Sculpture

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