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Where have my little furry visitors gone?

For the last photo of the month, I offer a lost guilty pleasure.

It was a surprise/shock to look at the date on this pic and realise that some four years have passed since this magnificent beast deigned to share some of its time with me one day (it’s not the only day, or possibly the last of all, but is not far off).

Occasional visitors used to be a nice diversion, even if not in great numbers, and some turned up as if they lived here, or owned the place, for an hour or two at least.

But, on reflection, this just hasn’t happened at all in recent years.

Granted, I might meet one or two while walking, but usually at a distance, and if I dare try to approach them, no matter how slowly, they’re off like a shot!

I did meet one last night, but didn’t dare even look to close – for some reason it was sitting in the gutter of the road, and if I had even moved toward it, it would surely have run away from me – and into the road and traffic. I might add it was perfectly fine, a house cat with a collar just out for walk, or maybe a house escapee, given its silly location chosen to have a ‘sit’.

Anyway, enjoy my memory, and yes, it’s mucky – this one like a good roll on the ground:

Black Cat

Black Cat


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