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Cunningar Loop footbridge

I really began t think the new bridge being built at Cunningar Loop was never going to be finished.

It seemed to have stalled for so long that when my route through the area changed, I didn’t bother making a detour to have a look, and last pics I took about a year ago apparently looked little different from earlier ones:

Cunningar Bridge Works West

Cunningar Bridge Works West


Cunningar Bridge Works East

Cunningar Bridge Works East

Having to change my route again a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see that the bridge was finished!

Not only that, the landscaping was finished too, and all the plant and machinery had been cleared.

Although I’d have thought it would have been still better to have it closer to London Road rather than Springfield Road to make access to the Cunningar Loop Woodland Park easier for folks to the north of the river, it’s still a vast improvement over our previous route that meant having head for Dalmarnock, and almost be in Rutherglen before getting into the park.

From the river, trees make it hard to get a decent clear pic of the thing, and you need clever software or an expensive lens.

I tried taking a pic from the park too, but the colour of the bridge and its background seems to make that awkward too, as they all mush together as they were all similar at the time.

Cunningar Bridge Park

Cunningar Bridge  from Park

Cunningar Bridge River

Cunningar Bridge from River

Incidentally, the ‘mad’ fencing on the left is being dismantled at long last.

It was insane – and meant having to decide to walk along the Clyde OR through the houses to the left.

In spite of paths laid to lead from the housed to the river bank, the whole length of the boundary was closed off by the is tall metal fence, isolating the two. Anyone living there could only LOOK at the river through it – if they actually wanted to walk there, they would have to walk to either end, which meant Dalmarnock for one, or London Road for the other.

It was almost like a little SCROTUS Mexican Wall prototype, only in Glasgow!


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Site News May 2017

Big SeSco S

May’s news, probably going to be short and glum (in part).


This has become a little less frustrating as I’ve given up trying to constantly find the sort of ‘secret’ info I used to (military, Cold War etc). Various reasons apply, but in no particular order… sharing has dried up, nobody’s talking (or writing) these days, and if you look at some of our older/original pages on this theme – well, most of the links to source material and reference are DEAD! Social media (let’s be blunt, Facecrook) has stolen much source material as it entices people into its creepy world, and often locks it away behind a ‘Please Login to view this page’ type of screen. The material cannot be seen unless you Login, and that is a way of blackmailing more people to join.

Sorry, not happening (ever) with SeSco – we do have SOME standards.

As it is, the Wiki is growing with a few pages every month, whenever we spot something remotely interesting.


This has become my favourite outlet this year, now I have worked out the ‘secret’ to making at least one PaD (Post a Day) and can waffle away and do a little bit of ‘photoblogging’.

I’m generally managing to stay away from ‘Current Affairs’, although I do seem to get riled with legal and illegal abuse of photographers. By this I mean anyone with a decent camera, who seem to be considered ‘Fair Game’ for various thugs and courts – yet intrusive people taking pics I believe are not legal seem to have some sort of magical immunity since they are using cameras hidden in phones. If I tool the same pics with my dSLR out in view and obvious, I’m reasonably sure if someone tool exception I’d be talking to some nice police officers soon after, and be in court a little later.


This is just not working.

I’ve dropped hints, but the members simply won’t talk to one another – and that’s what a forum is for.

It wasn’t to bad when they talked to me, but that’s effectively dried up too.

And I’m now no longer amused to see the many who still visit, but do nothing but look and leave without so much as a nod.

It’s down to one participant, who I don’t want to ‘upset’, but even his input has become less, and focussed mainly on one subject.

And that can only be discussed so far.

‘New’ Forum

While the existing, old, creaky, obsolete, forum is guaranteed a place – it is linked to a number of Wiki articles – it is a dead-end as a forum since, although it seems safe from hackers, it can’t be defended from content spammers and spam registrations. The latter amounts to thousands per month now. Even if they can’t post, they create a huge member list – I estimate we’d have at least quarter of a million+ members by now if I’d allowed it to continue.

I have new forum software, so may drop out for a while to play with it.

Trouble is, is it worth the effort if nobody is going to register/join nowadays, as Facecrook has taken everyone away?

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