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East End Orthodontics appears

Following on from an earlier post about the surprise appearance of (yet another) funeral director in the east end (is this a hint, should I move?), I got a similar surprise when I wandered through the same area again.

This time, all finished and installed – and I never saw even a moment of the place being fitted out – we have East End Orthodontics.

I think they mean ‘dentists’ in normal language, but want to be posh or more up-market, or… something.

Regardless, this was ever so slightly unexpected since this unit was not even being worked on when I came across the new funeral directors, and it was the units to the right of this sighting that were actually being worked on – but as can be seen from pic, are still boarded up.

So, NEVER assume!

East End Orthodontics

East End Orthodontics

Incidentally, that was a WEIRD pic – originally I just used it as it came, but the verticals diverged slightly (and I mean VERY slightly, only evident when the left of the original pic was against a true vertical window border) and made it look very distorted, and as if it bulged out in the centre.

All I did was align the left vertical – and all the oddness disappeared almost completely.

So, I learned something new with this one.


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My Garden – see the cat if you want to argue

This is kind of sad.

The cat is gorgeous white, but was always as nervous as anything – which is actually the norm for nearly all the cats around here, wherever they might be when you spot them.

Very few ever stay still long enough to get within arm’s length, let alone touch.

I’m seriously beginning to forget what a cat feels like!

I never got any closer than this pic – any closer to the fence and all that was left was a white blur, and a pair of ‘eyes on stalks’ watching from behind the shrubs.

Also, I never saw it again after a few weeks, so it was either lost, became a house cat, or maybe went to a new home.

My Garden Cat

My Garden Cat

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