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Hip Hop Marionettes and intrusive advertising

I hate adverts. Not all adverts of course, but I do hope there is a special Hell with eternal pain inflicted on anyone involved in creating ways to FORCE ads of any type to be viewed.

30 years of increasingly intrusive and distracting advertising on the Internet have turned me completely and irrevocably against adverts that are shoved in my face. I’m fine with ads placed where I can find them if I need them, or which don’t INSIST I acknowledge them.

Online, I use two complementary ad-blockers (oddly, neither of them is the famous Adblock Plus), and any site that I visit which demands I remove it gets permanently blocked – no exceptions – no mercy – and I will then go find a way to get free access to that site, WITH ads blocked. If I can, I’ll also alert others to boycott it as well, and make sure it gets bad reviews.

I don’t expect to find the same sort of problems with conventional advertising, but when I tried to take some pics of the ‘Hip Hop Marionettes’ mural from George Street (on a building in John Street) found that it was being spoiled by at least one massive billboard smack in front of it. From George Street, only off-centre views of the mural are possible.

You can only take a clear view by standing behind the billboard, in a car park, so need a wide-angle lens, and to be able to correct distortion from being so close.

(Sorry about the apparently ‘careless’ smudgy area at bottom centre – seems I was carrying some condensation around for a while, and it took some time to evaporate and disappear.)

First pic is such a shot, tidied up to remove distortion, then the next is just a straight view as taken when standing in George Street.

George Street Mural View

Hip Hop Marionettes

Stepping back a bit, we see what the ‘Power of Advertising’ achieves:

George Street Mural Spoiled View

George Street Mural Spoiled View


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