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Thanks for the bikes – but you can keep the tattoos

I’m afraid I’ll never converted into being someone who even likes tattoos a little, and sees them as ‘Badges of Office’ declaring the intent of the person beneath them, be that ‘tramp stamps’ on females, and gang affiliation on males. The rest probably have some sort of mental condition. Fine for them if the ink helps, but the number of tattoo removal services (often the same tattooist these days) and sad stories of regret (oddly, often spelt as ‘ragrat’ when tattooed on some poor dupe, and don’t start me on tattooists lack of grammar and punctuation education) in the media suggests that like cosmetic plastic surgery, this option may ‘cover up’ a condition, but does not cure it.


While many of their victims may live in their own secret and private hell, it seems that tattooists enjoy a ‘Nice Little Earner’ from their trade.

Expensive toys can often be seen decorating their needle-filled and blood cover torture chambers, usually hidden from view, but on this occasion I spotted some I could catch.

They certainly look like more fun than having someone spend hours jabbing needles into you.

The Honda on the left is at least 20 years old, and looks much better than cars of the same age!

Tattoo Bikes

Tattoo Bikes


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