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There should be special HELL reserved for web sites that demand you remove your adblocker

Like many (and I suspect especially those who have been around since the start of the Internet and watched its takeover by commercial interests) I use a an adblocker with its setting turned up to ’11’ – aided by some supplementary addons to make that ’11+’.

I have NO INTEREST in a ANY ADVERTS at all.


I have NEVER in my life looked at an advert PUSHED to me (of course, I go looking for, and search for adverts, but only those I am interested in, not being pestered, nagged, or diverted

But this appears to be a message that advertisers, and those that carry their adverts seem unable, or unwilling to comprehend or accept.

They seem to think I am somehow obliged to accept their theft of my bandwidth, and assault on my eyes.

Now, it is becoming common for them to spy on me, and creep around by browser and computer, to sniff out any evidence of the use of an adblocker, and if they find any…

To BLOCK my viewing of their web site, and BLACKMAIL me into removing my adblocker before they will let me in.

The say ‘Please disable your adblocker’ but in reality, their coding is so poor that even doing this often FAILS to allow access, and the blocking CONTINUES.

I say ‘poor coding’ to be generous, but I’m pretty sure this is a deliberate move intended to force uninstallation of the adblockers in the hope the user will not bother to re-install.


Not only will I NEVER EVER remove or disable my adblocker – I will NEVER visit such sites again, or recommend them to anyone.

These intrusive appeals have recently come close to making me send equally rude emails to the offenders, but that would bring me down to their level of depravity.

This image popped up recently on imgur and will now be kept in reserve as a ‘polite’ response to them:

(Be nice if everyone did the same.)

Adblock Blocker Reply

Adblock Blocker Reply

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Rhona Weir has passed away – widow of Tom Weir

It always seems to be the same – whenever I am not watching closely, or have to be offline for a few days, THAT’S when something noteworthy happens, and I’m late in noting it. This sad item was waiting for me…

Rhona Weir, widow of broadcaster and naturalist Tom Weir, has died at the age of 97.

Tom Weir died in 2006.

There was an apparently official YouTube channel with all the Weir’s Way programmes available, but it appears to have been taken down, and this is the closest I could find.

A statue to Mr Weir was unveiled at in 2014, at Balmaha on the banks of Loch Lomond, marked the 100th anniversary of his birth.

More recently, in 2016, a garden in the couple’s honour was opened, also on Loch Lomondside, overlooking Balmaha.

Appropriately, the couple had met on a bus while Mr Weir was on the way back from a climbing meet in Glen Coe, and moved to the village of Gartocharn in 1959, where Mrs Weir lived the rest of her life.

Via: Rhona Weir, widow of broadcaster Tom Weir, dies

Rhona Weir - BBC Image

Rhona Weir – BBC Image

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Hope the cat is OK and got a new home

Spotted this sad and sorry sight on the way home recently.

I hope the resident wasn’t injured in the collapse of their home, but then again, it might have been their own fault, and the place just couldn’t stand the strain of all those ‘pussy pound’ bearing down on it, and just gave up one day.

Fat Cat Broken Home

Fat Cat Broken Home

This may be a build defect which the local planning authority has failed to catch during the inspection and approval process, as many similar cases of cats becoming homeless after such a disaster can be found online.

Perhaps it is not actually the cats that are the cause, but poorly designed and manufactured perches.

Perhaps we need the Americans to raise the first multi-million dollar class action against the manufacturers and suppliers of these potentially deadly high-rise structures, so that responsibility for failures can be properly established in court?

Online example of imminent and actual failure:

Fat Cat Broken Perch

Fat Cat Broken Perch

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