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Meet the Scgoli – the Scottish golly

I tend to avoid stories about gollies these days, as the last time I looked I found those who claimed to be offended by the the traditional golliwog were worse that those who innocently saw it as nothing more than a traditional soft toy. The last story I looked at online had some thug frightening a little old lady who had a toy shop in Alford because she had some traditional style golliwogs in her shop window.

Last I read, she was so shaken by the assault that she was considering giving up her shop and retiring.

Staying in Scotland, it seems some knitters have tried to defuse this issue, and reinvent the soft toy in the form of the ‘Scgoli’ – as a similarly shaped soft toy or doll, but with all the supposedly offensive traits deleted and replaced by… Scottish references.

The ‘new’ old toy has blue skin, curly red/ginger hair, and a kilt.

About nine inches or 23 centimetres tall, the Scgoli is completely blue to symbolise Scotland’s cold climate,

After the doll became a local success, the creators decided to make additional ones in the form of a dad and a granny.

They’ve also taken the dolls on round the world trips, and shared hundreds of pics of their Scgolis in different locations.

And Scgoli’s adventures are being published in a book aimed at five to eight-year-old children.

The only problem now seems to be that success means the creators cannot keep up with demand – and may now need to solve the problem of increasing production while maintaining quality.

Via: Knitting group creates ‘non-offensive’ Scottish gollies

Scgoli and knitters

Scgoli and knitters (Photo: SWNS)

Do real people care about the golliwog?

I wonder how many real people in the real world really give a damn about what the activists and those with little else to do other than find a way to be a ‘legitimised bully’ see as such a major issue?

I for one don’t. never have, and never will.

Only the other day a huge photo sharing I wander around in had this pic, and I’m pretty sure my money would be safe I bet the girl didn’t know what the fuss or hysteria that some might raise over her choice of ‘cuddly toy’ was about:

Real Gollies

Real Gollies

It’s the same sort of nonsense that has seen demands for the flag painted on the roof of the Dukes of Hazzard’s Dodge Charger ‘General Lee’ to be removed, and has seen TV companies pull or ban the show in recent years.

A bit late methinks.



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