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The changing Sanmex Chemical Works building

There a really interesting and attractive building (still) standing on Dalmarnock Road, just a short way from the bridge over the river, and near the big new Tesco that opened a little while ago.

Unless somebody tells me otherwise, I’ll assume this building was (or is, since the company is still in business) the company’s offices, since the factory itself lies and extends into the land behind this building.

Having seen a photograph of the place from 1966, a number of changes are apparent:

  • The gate on the left was not present, and the wall was flush with the façade.
  • The wall on the right (actually a later building) was not present, as there was a gate there.
  • A chimney rose from the rear left of the roof.
  • A complete upper storey and pitched roof has been trimmed from the block on the right.
  • The extreme right was a matching but smaller version of that on the left.
  • The street lamp is a recent addition (there was one next to the gate on the right).
  • The dark rectangle on the left face, running the height of the building, was a large vertical SAN-MEX sign, now blank.
  • Further signs identifying the business were painted between the two storeys on the right.

While the remaining façade is reasonably attractive, the rest of the building is less so, having been rendered over the original brickwork, water has been seeping behind this over the years, and it is discoloured and damaged.

As for the chemical works behind…

Sanmex International is a perfume retailer which supplies a range of fragrances!

That rings a bell, as I think I had to visit the place once in my life, and the smell was of bathroom soap.

Sanmex Dalmarnock

Sanmex Dalmarnock

Although I knew this area had changed considerably (and I don’t mean the clearance for the 2014 Commonwealth Shames), mainly from looking at the few remains of Dalmarnock Power Station (which was only a matter of metres from this spot, but even those few relics were surgically cleansed for the Shames), I had no idea just how extensive the industrialisation of this area had been until I look at old pics of Sanmex, which naturally included the surrounding area.

It was almost saturated with works, and the tenements were buried amongst them, and the many rail tracks.

If you are interested, but have never looked up the online records and pics, it is well worth the effort.

This area has changed MASSIVELY in only a few decades.


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I have a splitting headache

Do trees get splitting headaches?

This example on one of my wanders would definitely be having one now.

Looks like the weight of a heavy bough just got to be too much and the old lullaby “When the bough breaks” line came into play. I’ve seen some taller trees that had evidence of lighting or fire higher up, but this looks a simple case of mechanical failure.

Ah well – that’s today excitement over and done with.

Split Tree

Split Tree

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