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POTUS, SCROTUS, or ‘Not My President’ – this moron has a toilet fetish

It seems we can’t avoid this detestable, ignorant, moronic, narcissist SCROTUS, and I seem to see altogether too many pics and stories where his face is somehow associated with toilets, or toilet functions.

And there is little or no love for this cretin in Scotland, after the abuse and mistreatment of locals around his rotten golf course

The latest was a cover for TIME, created after he made a laughing-stock of the US by pulling out of the Paris accord on climate change, and apparently providing a whole load of his ‘Alternative Facts’ (or lies) about the subject to prove he’s right and everyone else is wrong.

Pretty accurate.

Donald Dump II

Donald Dump II

I don’t know if it was inspired by the original Donald Dump, created a while ago for the Garbage Pail Kids:

Donald Dump I

Donald Dump I

And an image surfaced of United States Republican presidential candidate and consummate foulmouth Donald Trump with his face wrapped around a lip-shaped urinal by designer Meike van Schijndel.

Supposedly a snapshot from the men’s washroom of Belushi’s Bar in the St Christopher’s Inns hostel in Paris – sadly, it wasn’t real, and was a Photoshopped masterpiece by two California-based artists, William Duke and Brandon Griffin.

Trump Toilet Mouth

Trump Toilet Mouth

I could go on (really, I could, just try combining the moron’s name with toilet items as an online search), but probably a reminder that a quick visit to Amazon will provide a number suitable offering on which you can express your personal opinion directly ‘Face-t0-Face’ with SCROTUS, such as:

Trump Face Toilet Paper

Trump Face Toilet Paper

Frankly, it’s all beyond me, and even now I expect to wake up one morning and see the news that it was all a big joke, this ignorant pile of waste was never SCROTUS, and there has been a ‘Real’ president doing the job in secret.

But that’s not going to happen, is it?

Not with someone who has billions to buy whatever he likes, and has similar billionaires as his ‘mates’.

And Conspiracy Theorists thought The Bildebergers were a problem.


Paris accord footnote

I forgot to include this, but it seems a shame not to, so…

It seems US comedian Kathy Griffiths is being targetted and ruined by a wealthy US billionaire with influential friends, after she just did her job and posed in a photo with a prop meant to resemble the severed head of SCROTUS.

Kathy Griffiths and a Bloody Severed Head

Kathy Griffiths and a Bloody Severed Head

It seems only fair to return the favour.

SCROSCROTUS and Severed Paris Accord

SCROTUS and Severed Paris Accord


Cartoonist nails reality…

NEVER go up against a billionaire crime boss – you’ll lose:

Kathy Griffiths Slip

Kathy Griffiths Oops

Still, I suppose its better than the Cement shoes or Chicago overcoat of days gone by, and a trip to the nearest harbour.


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