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The almost anonymous sculpture on Downiebrae Road off Dalmarnock Road

While it may not be the most impressive piece of sculpture to be found in the area, it is still a shame that it is almost completely missable from the main road (Dalmarnock Road) which passes only a few metres away as it crosses the Clyde at Dalmarnock Bridge.

I’ve passed it many time, and the sin is that this is exactly what I do almost every time… PASS IT!

I forget where it is, but there is a small plaque describing it, but even that story has vanished from my head.

I did have a look online for some more details, but without a proper name, I didn’t have any luck. It seems to have been missed by most other folk as well

For the moment, I do have this rather sorry view of the setting, taken one evening when the illumination caught my attention – not so much for its eye-catching splendour, but for the fact that only TWO of the six ground-based lights were working.

It will be a while before I’m here when it gets dark early enough for me to catch it lit again, but maybe now that this is one of the entrance roads (it was the only one until the new footbridge was finally built and opened recently) to Cunningar Woodland Park, maybe it will get some love, and its lighting will be upgraded, or just maintained.

I’m just sticking this less than acceptable view here since it’s all I’ve really got (that I can find), and its existence and need to be bettered should help to serve as a reminder for me to collect something better in future.

Downiebrae Road Sculptures at Night

Downiebrae Road Sculptures at Night


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